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The Village Mission is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to preventing human trafficking through education and assisting victims with self-recovery from trafficking networks or high-risk environments.  100% of funds donated go towards these efforts.  

An Endless Effort...

Human trafficking doesn’t discriminate by age, gender or culture. Every year, unsuspecting victims around the world are forced into labor, sex practice, child soldiering, and marriage. 


The Village Mission is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to putting a stop to human trafficking through education of businesses, preventing them from unwittingly becoming safe havens for networks to conduct trafficking activities.


The Village Mission also is dedicated to assisting victims of human trafficking as well as individuals who are being persecuted due to race or religion with self-recovery from trafficking networks or high-risk and life-threatening environments all over the world. We help to providing them with the support and resources to reclaim their lives, resettle and start over.

Victims of Human Trafficking

How Your Donations Support Our Mission

Training & Education

Understanding and being able to recognize signs of human trafficking is critical to the prevention of trafficking activities. We support organizations that train and educate places of business and liaison with local law enforcement to help employees feel safe about reporting signs at their place of work.

Legal Services

Many of our families have expired or destroyed documentation, or have never been issued passports. We raise funds to help them receive new passports, country visas and border stamps as well as provide for immigrant and refugee processing


During evacuation and resettlement operations, we raise funds to be used to buy basic essentials for families such as food, drinking water, baby and feminine products, clothes and bedding/blankets

Safe House Networks

Many of the individuals and families we help are in need of safe houses in which to stay while their legal paperwork to leave the country or region is complete. We raise funds to keep our families safe and "off the grid" in multiple safe house networks all over the world. 


Our families include injured survivors of violence and abuse, pregnant female, malnourished children and other vulnerable individuals. We raise money to provide them medical attention, medication, and other services and products to help them begin the long road to recovery.


We raise money to provide secure movement within and from some of the most dangerous and volatile places in the world. Our network of security professionals ensure that once they are in their care, they are no longer in danger and can safely work through the long process of resettlement.

Victim Services

Unfortunately, many of the people we help have already be subject to horrific actions of violence and mental trauma. For these victims, once resettled, we provide (through our work with partner organizations) that specialize in victim care and services. 


Once we are able to assist individuals and families with self-recovery out of dangerous environments, there is a long road ahead that often involves temporary housing, legal immigration assistance, food, clothing, medical, and other basic essentials while they begin building their new lives. 

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