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Meet the Team

Who We Are

At The Village Mission, we have decades of experience in civil service, both overseas and domestically. We have served in and alongside local, state and federal law enforcement and at senior levels of the Defense and Intelligence Community.

We have witnessed human trafficking in some of the worst places on the planet and in our own cities back home. The Village Mission was created to help prevent companies from unknowingly allowing their place of business to become a safe haven for trafficking networks by empowering the employees and managers with the knowledge to spot signs of potential trafficking activities and how to react if that happens.


Over time we have immersed ourselves in global networks that have successfully assisted hundreds of individuals flee dangerous and life-threatening environments.  

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Kevin Graham

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Kevin Graham served on active duty as an infantryman in the US Marine Corps for over eight years. He continued government service as an Intelligence Specialist for the Virginia State Police Counter-Terrorism Unit, assigned to a joint FBI/Regional/State/Local Law Enforcement Task Force. Kevin returned to the Department of Defense as a civilian intelligence specialist and served in a multitude of capacities to include detailee assignments as a Special Skills Officer for the Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service. Kevin spent most of his career deployed overseas supporting global counter-terrorism and hostage rescue operations as part of the Joint Special Operations Command and the Naval Special Warfare Development Group.


Kevin has taught intelligence operations and tradecraft professional development courses in the Special Forces community, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency and was a plank owner and returning instructor at the National Collaboration Development Center’s Targeting Collaboration Course for Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Community. He has specialized in counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, counter-proliferation, counter-threat finance as well as tactical and strategic level Operational Preparation of the Environment (OPE) intelligence operations.

Board Members

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