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Client Solutions

Phase IV:

Once your place of business has been trained and received its certificates, we provide a “seal” of protection to display. This is an easy but powerful way to show your customers and potential trafficking networks that employees in your place of business have been trained in signs of potential human trafficking activities and that local law enforcement have been consulted.


Ongoing Support

Our work, however, doesn’t end with the training and certification of your employees. We continue to stay ahead of the latest trends and behaviors of human trafficking networks in your region(s). We will engage in a continuous dialogue and re-train to raise increased awareness. We remain flexible and committed to support your efforts to counter human trafficking.

Customized Solutions

Due to the unique qualifications, background and expertise of professionals at The Village Mission and its network, we are also able to offer other client-specific solutions on a case-by-case basis, to include providing assistance to persons in need of removal from dangerous environments.

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